welcome to the roo's workstation.

Please read the entire README thoroughly before modifying anything on this computer.

Important Scoring Note

It appears that the scoring binary depended on a specific CPU extension. If the engine does not score, and you are getting a "Illegal instruction" error when you run /opt/engine/engine, run this command on the VM and reboot:

sudo curl "https://eth007.me/syshardening7/engine" -o "/opt/engine/engine"

Forensics Questions

You will receive points for answering any "Forensics Questions" on your Desktop correctly. Valid (scored) "Forensics Questions" will only be located directly on your Desktop. We highly recommend reading all "Forensics Questions" thoroughly before doing anything to this computer, because you could destroy information necessary for answering the forensics question.

NOTE ON FORENSICS QUESTION 2 AND 4: If your path contains /usr, remove that from your answer. This is a scoring issue. Sorry about that.

Competition Scenario

The roos have just bought a new computer! They wish to use it as a workstation, but some of them are constantly travelling and need remote access. Their security policies require that all user accounts be password protected, and secure passwords must be chosen. The presence of any media files or "hacking tools", as well as games, is prohibited. This computer is for official use by the roos only. Your job is to secure this computer so that it can be used by them without fear of hackers.

Roo policy is to use only Ubuntu 22.04 on this computer. For SSH, they would like for public key authentication to be used exclusively. Please make sure that this is enforced, and use the SSH key stored in the root home directory as a valid SSH key for logging into the rooyay user.

Authorized Administrators (user:password):

rooyay:Pa$$w0rd10 (YOU)

Authorized Users:


Critical Services:

SSH (openssh-server)