CyberPatriot Practice Images

Posted on Oct 10, 2022

These are some of my CyberPatriot practice images that I have made, mostly as part of ImaginaryCTF.

System Hardening 6 - Narnia Minecraft Server (Ubuntu 22, Easy)

The citizens of Narnia need your help. Can you secure their Minecraft server?

System Hardening 7 - rooReaper Strikes Back (Ubuntu 22, Easy)

Can you help? rooReaper has enacted his revenge, and our systems are compromised.

System Hardening 8 - The Fellowship of the Ring (Fedora 38, Hard)

Valiant friends, the fellowship needs your help. Secure their machine to reap the reward.

System Hardening 9 - Return of the King (Windows Server 2022, Medium)

Apparently some sort of “windows” operating system turned up in Middle-Earth. Take a look…